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The classification of aluminum composite panels

Aluminium composite panel can be classified by coating material on it’s aluminum coil, such as PE, PVDF coating, so usually we call it as pe aluminum composite panel or pvdf aluminium composite panel, you can classify ACP sheet with it’s core material, such as normal core, unbroken core, advertising core, fireproof core, pure core, if you look at aluminum composite panel by colors and surface finishing, it has catalogue such as solid color, wooden, marble, mirror, brushed, high gloss, nano, pearlescent color, aluminum composite panel can also be uv printed as rigid material for advertising boards, signage products.

If you make a distinction between interior wall decorations and exterior wall cladding, it can be divided as 3mm aluminium composite panel as indoor decoration panel, and 4mm aluminium composite panel as outdoor aluminum composite cladding. Different acp panel thickness will have different application. You can have aluminium composite panel 4×8 (1220x2440mm) as standard ACM Panel size or 1500x3050mm as ACP sheet size for adverting boards, for more information click here.

FAQ for aluminum composite panel

Traditionally, Steel and wood frames have been the most popular materials used in building construction, but recent years have seen a growing surge in popularity for factory-engineered aluminum composite panels.

These durable, versatile ACP materials have a variety of uses and come in a number of different shapes and thicknesses; however, the manufacturing process is the same in every case.

Two layers, thin aluminum sheets are bonded together using a non-metal core, usually plastic polyethylene (PE) or thermoplastic mineral-filled core (FR). A fire proof core is a panel that has a fire retardant adhesive core bounded by two thin sheets of aluminum.

After the bonding is completed, the panel is finished using either a metallic or PVDF paint, While the technology to create these composite materials has been around since the ’60s, recent requirements for sleek, cost-effective architecture has really increased the use of aluminum composite panel for building cladding, curtain wall, interior wall decoration, ceiling, insulation and signage, billboards

ACP Cladding is aluminum Composite panel are factory engineered panels used mainly for exterior cladding, partitioning, load bearing walls and roofing elements in a wide range of commercial or residential buildings, the aluminum Wall Cladding serves as superb wind barrier and protects walls from dampening. It has the capacity and strength to protect the walls from extreme weather conditions.  ACP cladding, Aluminum Cladding Panel is mainly use in false ceilings, signage and partitions.

Aludream is a reliable ACP brand more than 15 years at international market, Aludream aluminum composite panel China retain remarkable tensile strength and deliver superior flatness, rigidity and stability under changing thermal conditions.  Since ACP Panel are lightweight and easy to attach, Aludream‘s panel has proven itself to be the perfect panel for building cladding.  Aludream panels speeds construction times and cut costs in labor and materials.  Aludream provides an ACM Panels that offers the rigidity of heavy gauge sheet metal in a lightweight aluminum-faced composite material.  Aludream sheets offer superior flatness, vibration dampening, extreme durability and ease of maintenance

If you want to get to know the cost of aluminium composite panel price, We have prepared a article for you, this will be your ultimate buying guide of ACM Panels, just read and learn how to calculate aluminium composite panel price for your project

aluminum composite panel
aluminium composite panel

What Are Common Features Of The Aluminum Composite Panel

Most of the people collect the aluminum composite panel for their different outdoor user. Why because, it suitable for different climate and it is applicable withstand for long time. In order to buy a brand panel, use need to search out right company china so that you can order at low price in the market. We are leading and expert in offering different size of the aluminum composite panel that assist to spend your money and order with no trouble of it. Our product is more strength and allows using in different location. Apart from that, we have right machineries and other tool that assist to deliver even panel with neat look. It can simply to install without meeting any risk of it. 

We are certified aluminum composite panel manufactures who can deliver wide range of panel with high strength at all time. As result, it obtains great names among people and derives more number of customers.

Design panel with better comfort:

Our product is test and then delivers in the market. some of the business people don’t have enough time so they can make mobile can get clear ideas over it. Therefore you need not want to get right solution at anytime. With expert team, we undergo design such panel with all wants so the customer hire of the next time to get such panel without any risk of it. Hope buyer can make use such product for the both commercial and residential product at all time. Though, it is light weight which would be light easy to handle at all time. Hence the customer can ensure other term and conditional and spend your money to buy.

Our aluminum composite panel manufactures china follows new technology and other machine that give best ideas to move forward with on trouble of it. It is design in the form of the customization and also fire resistance which give color diversity and high strength at all every time so you can feel free to hire our company. To clear further doubts, the people can simply hire and get best solution at all time form customer support center.

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