How to calculate wholesale aluminium composite panel price

ACM Panels: The Ultimate Buying Guide

If you want to bulk buy aluminium composite panel, you may wonder What is the wholesale aluminium composite panel price, the ACP panels cost for your projects. as a leading aluminum composite panel manufacturer in China, Aludram today will give you a ultimate guide on how to Estimate wholesale aluminum composite panel price per square meter, especially if you want to import wholesale building material/curtain wall/signage/ caravan/aluminum composite cladding products from China, there are some knowledge you must get to know Before buying from suppliers

This is also a ultimate buying guide of aluminum composite panels

aluminium composite panel price

Chapter 1: What factors will affect the price of aluminium composite panel?

First factor: ACP Sheet core materials

There are normal core, advertising core, unbroken core, fire resistance core and pure core.

Aluminium composite sheet normal core is mainly suitable for the ACP panel used for the external walls without slotting and bend more than 90 degrees. But it also depends on the aluminum thickness, so we need to give different advice to our customers on different situation. If the aluminum thickness is greater than 0.4mm, then even it’s just normal core, the panel can accept slotting and bends less than 90 degrees.

ACM Panel Unbroken core just can make up for the shortage of normal core. Suitable for the exterior wall,  the acm panel with unbroken core can be bend less than 90 degrees. It can also be used to make cylindrical designs which normal core can’t do. Moreover, the technical requirement for installation of Unbroken core is much lower.

Advertising core is suitable for printing, as well as some customers have high requirements for panel surfaces.

B1-grade fire resistance core has flame retardant function, mostly used in Europe and the United States.

A2-grade fireproof core has non-combustible function. Mostly used in countries with high fireproof requirements, such as Singapore and Australia.

What are the ACP panel fireproof levels? (Sorted from low to high)

There are four grades: B2, B1, A and A2.

The pure core is not made by recycled materials, and is free of impurities. Generally, very few customers will purchase this kind of core material, some of them may require it used for the TV backboard.

The ACP Sheet price of normal core, advertising core, unbroken core, fire resistance core and pure core are totally different, so if you want to know acm panels cost, you need to choose which acm core material, and tell your aluminum composite panel supplier, to get a latest aluminium composite panel prices, please fill in this form

Aluminium composite panel unbroken core

Second factor: aluminum composite Panel coating

What types of 4mm aluminum composite panel coatings are there? How long is the warranty? Which markets are these coatings suitable for?

The ACP coating mainly consists of single-layer PE*[Polyethylene], double-layer PE, PVDF*[Poly(vinylidene fluoride)], Nano PVDF and FEVE fluorocarbon resin.

PE coating’s warranty is 5-8 years, PVDF and NANO PVDF coating’s warranty is 15-20 years, and FEVE coating’s warranty is 20 years.

Exterior walls cladding should basically use PVDF or NANO PVDF coating, interior decoration and advertising board are generally use PE coating.

Some countries with very strong UV rays require FEVE coatings on the exterior walls cladding, but this kind of coatings is too expensive, so some customers also use PVDF coating based on price considerations.

The biggest function of NANO PVDF coating is the self-cleaning function. Some customers will purchase cause it’s convenient for maintenance. Currently, customers who interested in this coating come from Indonesia and the South America.

In addition, because some customers have lower ACP sheet price requirements, and their local market acceptance is also limited, so according to different situation, we will provide double-layer PE coating offers for external wall aluminium composite cladding

Different ACM Panel coating have different cost, the coating cost is a key factor of aluminium composite panel price, you need to tell your ACP Sheet Supplier, which coating do you need

aluminum composite panel prices

Third factor: Aluminum composite Panels thickness and size

What are the conventional thickness and size of pe aluminum composite panel?

What is the thinnest and thickest panel thickness, and aluminum thickness?

What are the special panel thicknesses and widths?

What is the maximum acceptable size?

The conventional thickness of pvdf aluminum composite panel is 3mm(aluminum coil thickness 0.20mm) and 4mm(aluminum coil thickness 0.30mm, 0.40mm, 0.50mm). The standard acp panel size is 1220x2440mm, and American customers prefer to use imperial units, so the standard size they often write as 4×8 ft or 48×96 inch.

We Aludream can produce the aluminum composite panel thickness from 2mm to 12mm. And the range of aluminum coil thickness is 0.05mm-0.50mm.

We have some special ACP Panel widths such as 1575mm, 840mm, 1000mm, 1525mm, etc

The special ACP panel thicknesses are 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, etc.

The maximum ACP panel length we can accept is 11800mm and the width is 2000mm. So far the longest ACM panel we have ever produced is 11500mm. Other than that, if the customer requires small container to ship, then the maximum panel length will be 5800mm because of the size limit of the container. And if ACP panel width is 1500mm, the thinnest aluminum coil thickness can only be produced as 0.15mm.

What aluminum composite material specifications, cores and coatings are used in indoor cladding?

What specifications, cores and coatings are used for exterior wall aluminum cladding?

What are the aluminum composite panel specifications, cores and coatings are used in advertising board?

The aluminum composite panel specification for interior decoration are basically normal core, 3mm and PE coating. Exterior decoration general use 4mm, PVDF coating or double-layer PE coating ACM panel. And core material has normal core, unbroken core and fire resistance core to choose from.

The wholesale aluminum composite panel specification for advertising board is generally 3 x 0.21mm, double-sided color coated, advertising core and PE coating.

European advertising board customer basically bulk purchase ACP panel specifications as 3×0.21mm, 1500x3050mm, double-side color coated panel. About core material, we generally recommend advertising core, because the surface effect of the panel is more better. But for some customers who need low prices, we can only quote the price of normal core. In addition, for outdoor advertising board, there are two common specification 3×0.30mm and 4×0.30mm. These are often used in gas station engineering.

How many millimeters aluminum coil thickness are there, so the acm panel can be done with PVDF coating? How many millimeters aluminum coil thickness are there can be made fireproof panel?

With more than 0.25mm aluminum coil thickness, the panel can be done with PVDF coating. More than 0.18mm, it can be made for fireproof core.

The aluminum coil and aluminum composite panel thickness have so much importance to calculate the aluminium composite panel price per square meter, you should be clear you need which panel thickness and the size before you buy ACM Panels

The fourth factor: ACP sheet Color is also another factor to wholesale aluminum composite panel price

We Aludream have 6 series on our color cards, they are Matt, Brushed, Mirror, Glossy, Nacreous, Granite and Wooden. Also, the color can be customized according to color number of other color charts or sample, such as RAL, PANTONE, ELVAL, NCS, etc.

How many kinds of colors brightness there are? How much degrees are they?

The color brightness is divided into the following categories: Matt, Semigloss and Gloss. The brightness of Semigloss is about 50 degrees. And the brightness of Gloss is generally 70-90 degrees.

ACM Panel price Glossy color is more expensive than ordinary Matt color

Mirror color, brushed color, marble, wooden colors have different acp sheet prices

Click here to see the color card of Aludream wholesale aluminium composite panel

The fifth, protective films is a minor factor to aluminum composite panel price

ACM Panel Protective film

What kinds of protective films are there? How thick is it?

The protective film is divided into transparent protective film and PVC film, the thickness is basically 0.07mm or 0.08mm.

If you have requirement on protective film, and you need to print your own logo on ACP sheets, you need to tell supplier about this, the supplier will quote you the protective film acp sheet price with your logo

Below questions about wholesale aluminium composite panel price is for profaneness buyers,if you also want to make it clear, please kindly send us your inquiry

How much is the PVDF aluminium composite panel price higher than PE aluminum composite panel? 

PVDF coating is more expensive than PE coating. About the specific price, please send inquiry in this form. If you want to know the price of PPG paint, then consult separately.

How much does double-layer PE coating need to be added per square meter on the basis of PE coating? (Depending on the aluminum coil thickness)

The price of double-layer PE coating is higher than PE coating.

If the panel aluminum coil thickness is greater than or less than 0.3 mm, the double-layer PE coating cost is also different. If you want to know specific price, please send inquiry.

How much does 1500mm width acp sheet price need to be added per square meter on the basis of standard size?

1500mm width panel need to be added price on the basis of standard size(1220x2440mm). If you want to know specific price, please send inquiry to Aludream

How much does wholesale aluminium composite panel price per square meters of one-way unbroken core and two-way unbroken core need to be added on the basis of normal core? (Need to be calculated according to panel thickness)

3mm and 4mm panel aluminium composite panel price with one-way unbroken core need to be added how much price on the basis of normal core. Two-way unbroken core is the same

How much is the double-sided PE coating aluminium composite panel price higher than single-sided PE coating panel? 

How much is the double-sided PVDF coating cost higher than Aludream single-sided PVDF coating? 

how much does the Glossy color aluminium composite panel price per square meter need to be added compare to ordinary Matt color?

How much aluminium composite panel price does B1 fire resistance core need to be added per square meter compare with normal core? (Need to be quote according to different panel thickness)

When the panel thickness increased, how much price does normal core and unbroken core need to be added? 

When the aluminum coil thickness increased, how much does the aluminium composite panel price per square meter need to be added

How much acp sheet prices does NANO PVDF coating aluminium composite panel prices need to be added on the basis of PE coating?

How much cost does Nacreous color aluminium composite panel price need to be added on compare to Matt color?

How much acp sheet price does NANO Silver Metallic aluminium composite price need to be added compare to ordinary Matt color?

How much aluminium composite panel price does Granite color need to be added compare to ordinary Matt color cost

Please fill this inquiry form to get the updated prices of aluminium composite panel

Golden mirror aluminium composite panel price is more expensive than silver mirror aluminum composite panel price 

If you want to check mirror ACP sheet price, please see below aluminum composite panel price list for your reference

Chapter 2: wholesale Aluminum composite panel shipping cost

Except the aluminium composite panel price, you also need to know the shipping cost of acm panels, here below we tell you how to calculate the size and weight, the packing, and how many aluminum composite panels can be load to a full container

Aluminum composite Panel Packing:

Packing can also affect the aluminium composite panel price, but it is a small factor

The cost of packing in bulk and packing in pallet is different  

What is the the height of pallet backing board and how much does a pallet weigh? What is the packaging standard?

The height of pallet backing board is 120-180mm. And the weight of a pallet is about 80-120kg. If panel size is different, then the weight of the pallet will be different, too.

Generally, the weight of each pallet will control within 2 tons or 2.5 tons. Unless the customer has special requirements.

aluminium composite panel packing

What is the aluminum composite panel minimum order quantity of the standard specification?

If the aluminium composite panel is standard size with ordinary color, Aludream MOQ is generally 100 sheets or 300 square meter per color. But if it’s panel with fire resistance core, the MOQ is 1000 square meter.

How to calculate the square meters of a panel?

The standard ACP panel size is 1220x2440mm. Its square meter is equal to the length multiplied by the width, so it’s 2.9768 square meter. (1.22×2.44m)

How to calculate aluminum composite panel weight?

The weight of the aluminium composite panel varies slightly depending on the different core. 

Listed below are the weight of the standard size 1220x2440mm 4×8 ft aluminum composite panel with the different cores.

Normal core aluminium composite panel, 6.046kg/m2 , 18kg/sheet.

Advertising core aluminum composite panel, 5.196kg/m2, 15.467kg/sheet.

Unbroken core aluminum composite panel, 5.026kg/m2, 14.96kg/sheet.

Fire resistance core aluminum composite panel, 7.066kg/m2, 21.034kg/sheet.

How many ACP panels can a 20GP or 40GP container load? What is the container weight limit?

When container loading, the number of aluminum composite panel will be different according to different core materials and panel thickness. In addition, different packaging methods such as in bulk or in wooden package will also affect the number.  

If it is in bulk, a 20GP container can be loaded with 2000 sheets 3mm standard size panels or 1600 sheets 4mm standard size panels.

If it is in wooden package and the panel specification is 1500x3050x3mm, then a 20GP container can be loaded with 1300 sheets.

The 40GP container can only carry the same number of panels as above, because of the weight limit problem. The maximum weight can not exceed 26 tons, some countries even have lower weight limits. So we generally recommend customers to choose 20GP container.

In addition, some countries will require lower weight, such as the United States, which generally cannot exceed 20 tons.

Italy generally requires 24 tons for container weight 

when you get to know the packing, square meters,weight, container volume, etc, your forwarder can give you the shipping cost for wholesale aluminum composite panel

Chapter3: wholesale aluminium composite panel price list

After read all above acp sheet price guide, you might just want to get a wholesale aluminium composite panel price list,

Many customer also ask for aluminum composite panel distributor price list, but as you know, there are so many customized factors that affect the aluminium composite panel prices, its very hard to list all the different prices according to different factors, different wholesale buyer has different requirements, so the better way to get a price for you is to tell us your requirement by send a inquiry

But anyhow, we prepared a frequently purchased wholesale aluminium composite panel price list for your reference,

This is wholesale aluminum composite panel price per square meter, if you want to know wholesale ACP price per sheet, please calculate the square meters by panel width and length, and use square meters multiply by USD/m2 price, The square meters of standard 1220x 2440mm aluminum composite panel is 2.98 m2 per sheet

Please note the price on this wholesale price list is just for reference, it is not the accurate price, it is not for final quotation.

Coating/Finish Size(mm) Alu coil thickness(mm) Normal core price(USD/m2) Unbroken core price(USD/m2)
Pe coating
Pe Coating
Pe Caoting
Pe Coating
Pe Coating
PVDF Coating
PVDF Coating
Gold Mirror
Silver Mirror
Black Mirror

There will be many many prices we can put on this wholesale aluminium composite panel price list according to different factors,  But we appreciate that you read this article first and then find out your project requirement / Specification such as ACP panel thickness, size, coating type, color, packing, etc and fill in the inquiry form, we will get back to you with best aluminium composite panel price accordingly.

As a trusted brand of wholesale aluminium composite panel we Aludream also have our facebook fan page. 

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If you are looking for professional aluminium composite panel supplier, Aludream is your best choice

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