what is the difference of PVDF, Pe,Nano,mirror finish Aluminum composite panel

Aluminum composite panel is called ACP or ACP panel

ACP panel have many different types, we will introduce you it’s classification

PVDF Series

The surface of PVDF aluminum composite panel is Polyvinylidene Fluoride (pvdf, 70%contents) with good weather resistance, impact resistance, UV resistance, sound and heat resistance, colorful, smooth and beautiful. Its life is about 20 years. It is mainly used for exterior decoration.

PE Series

PE ACP is a kind of new green composite material which compounded of two layers of aluminum sheets and nontoxic low-density polyethyene (LDPE) by macromolecule adhesive film of American DuPont Company through thermo compression, The coating of the aluminum sheet is polyester coating with UV resistance, Its life is about 15 years. It is mainly used for interior decoration and advertisement board.

Mirror Finish Series

The surface of the mirror finish ACP is the aluminum sheet that looks like a mirror. The back surface is aluminum sheet with anti-corrosion. The mirror finish ACP has the features of mirror effect, light weight, difficult to break, high strength, can be bent and easy to process. Thanks to those features, mirror finish ACP is increasingly used for interior decoration, especially in ceiling, Cabinet panel, household appliance, furniture.

Nanometer ACP Series

The coating of surface of nanometer ACP is PVDF coating, and then adds a self-clean layer on the surface of PVDF coating. The self-clean layer can prevent the pollutant such as ash layer and decompose the pollutant in the air to reach self-clean effect. Its features of stain resistance, self-clean, acid resistance, weather resistance of nano is superior to the traditional PVDF ACP

Fire-resistant Series

Drawing finish ACP is compounded of drawing aluminum sheet, the anti-corrosion aluminum sheet, and nontoxic low-density polyethylene (LDPE). Thanks to the drawing treatment, its appearance is very beautiful. It is widely used for interior decoration, especially in ceiling, Cabinet panel, household appliance, furniture.

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