UV Printed ACP Sheet

UV Printed ACP Sheet for signage

UV Printed ACP Sheet for rigid material Signage Billboard

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aludream ACP Sheet

If you are looking for rigid material which will be UV printed, please choose Aludream ACP Sheet for your projects, we are manufacture of wholesale aluminum composite panels in China, we offer free samples, catalog and unbelievable prices , we make durable aluminum composite Panels for billboards, signs, banners, building claddings, it will save 50% of your cost when you buy a large quantity, find the best available price by clicking us, if you are from format digital printing company, outdoor advertising company, sign making company, and building facade company you should get to know Aludream, Aludream is a reliable brand of aluminum composite panel worldwide and We server for wholesale clients only, Aludream aluminum composite panels retain remarkable tensile strength and deliver superior flatness, rigidity and stability  Since they are lightweight and easy to attach, Aludream‘s panel has proven itself to be the perfect panel for signage products and building claddingsAludream speeds construction times and cuts costs in labour and materials alike. Aludream offers superior flatness, vibration dampening, extreme durability and ease of maintenance, to know more details, welcome to emails us or visit our factory

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